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Vitacer Porcelain Tile – Meraki – Cream 60x120cm
  • Vitacer Porcelain Tile – Meraki – Cream 60x120cm
DIMENSIONS 60 × 30 × 20 mm

Vitacer Porcelain Tile



Only 1000 Left in Stocks!

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Vitacer is a new Spanish brand name specializing in the manufacture and sale of ceramic wall and floor tiles. It was created with a view to developing a solid ever-increasing range of cutting-edge products, while also guaranteeing unbeatable quality and service. To achieve this goal, strong investment was made into technology in search of new ingenious, more productive work processes. A foothold was also gained in various markets worldwide.

In keeping with its bid to launch innovative top-quality products and systems, Vitacer has pioneered the sale of 20mm-thick outdoor ceramic tiles with a safe non-slip grip, high bending strength and high breaking load, in addition to its Smooth&Grip porcelain tiles, which combine a smooth feel with a non-slip grip.

At its Vila-real head office in Castellón, Vitacer manufactures and distributes different types of porcelain tiles and white-body wall tiles in varying formats and finishes. Thanks to its top-quality service and wide choice of products, the brand name is all set to forge a leading reputation in the world ceramic tile sector.

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